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«Lost in Childhood»
You are 13 years old and you accidentally ended up in 1985! No gadgets, no social networks... But how to get back?

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«Supernatural Rooms 2»
Second part of mysical adventure. You have to unravel the mystery of the amusement park...

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«Supernatural Rooms»
Mystical adventure with hiden objects, ghost hunting and puzzles in 3D

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You have a team of combat zombies at your disposal. Your objective is to grab all land unjustly owned by the livings

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«Supernatural Words»
Paranormal advanture: your aim is to find hidden objects and guess the secrets.

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«Swamp Jump»
Very simple and very thrilling game: pass crazy squirrel through the swamp! :)

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«Selfish Giant». Live Book
Interactive book with wonderfull illustrations, original text and magic music.

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«Zombie Rise»
The world is writhing in the throes of a zombie apocalypse. You have to save the remnants of humanity!

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You have to guess the cities of the world by the descriptions and photos of attractions.

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«End of Days»
Hardcore apocaliptic game! Trash Eath to clear it of mutants!

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Game for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
«Kick and Think»
A fascinating puzzle with elements of quest and hidden objects games. You have to find cahes with letters on the picture and assemble magic word to save the Princess!

game for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch и Android
«Tap The Pine»
Christmas game for kids. Dress up christmas tree for the holidays!

game for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
«Trash The School»
Funny game with simple gameplay. Your aim is to trash the school :)

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